12 October 2010

I miss those smiles

me and my i-forgot-his-name robots

me at my bedroom.
....well its not my official bedroom. I still sleep with my mom and dad =P

me at myparents' bedroom
....nah, this is my official bedroom and also my favourite spot in my entire house

I found those photos in my old laptop and felt like.... Wow... :(:(:(:(

Now I'm so skinny, my weight is only 38,5kg. And before this it was about 48.
I lost many kilos. So seeing those fatty photos make me laugh and sad either. I sad because I don't like being so skinny and prefer that cute fat. I feel really really sad, indeed. I hope I can gain more kilos as soon as possible.

Seeing those smiles, wondering how happy was I...
And I realized I'm totally different now. I've never seen those kind of smile anymore since I got sick, yes, honest smile.

.......I miss those smiles
And the only thing that I can do is just wishing it can be happen again to me
after I (InsyaAllah) totally recover.

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