18 May 2009


i woke up at 6 am by Norvin's goodmorning call, as usual :D uhm, sok sweet~.~

andddd this sunday i went to kota tua for eating cycling and visiting some museum. what a day. then i went home and realized that tomorrow i'll have my religion and KN school exams. uh sucks, i have to study hard cause i hate religion! no i'm not hating the islamic things but honestly i hate the essay. i dont have any idea. i-hate-school-exams. but 3 days again to LDXV's freedom from many exams. just keep patient on waiting, tas......

uhh stop talking with english, tasha. you know you have bad grammar so shut up! back to bahasa...

td gue baca blog audi andddd she called me,'Tashilitsky' what a cute name with 'shilit' in it. trs dia crt tntg menemani dia ntn inlabs, yeah it's our last year in jhs. uh sedih. dannnn gue taubgt dia mau ntn opi (berasa gue gamau ntn siapa siapa) uh sok tanpa dosa bgt lu tas. dan tbk apa? audi lwt jam 12 ini blm tdr juga, kt memang sehati dlm hal insomnia! bangga amat

and then, stefy. dia menceritakan tntg si peeeeps yg nyebelin bagi dia hahaha tp itu ketawan bgt siapa, ck dasar lu nt3pH. he did it because he loves you, like i told before. and i know you love him too, lol. ampun stef luph u

ehm, few minutes ago i sent norvin a message to let him know that i haven't sleep yet=( so he called me and told me that he woke up by my message. sorry for disturbing vin, i know you'll alwaws forgive me haha amin.

OK, IT'S 2 AM NOW!!! GO AWAY OH INSOMNIA! uh sucks. but i think i'll be sleep soon somehow. bye, have a nice dreams.

oh, almost forgot. for notes, WISH ME LUCK ON MY SCHOOL EXAMS! thanks guys, i'll be back soon next wed. jgn kgn!

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